Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hot Rods, Porsches, Family, Racing, and History - ROD EMORY

My list of people who inspire me is somewhat sizable, however, of the people on that list there is a small number that I would actually like to meet and say "thank you" to, simply for being what he/she is.  One of the people high on that list is Mr. Rod Emory, of Emory Motorsports.

A lot of people are probably "over" the fact that I've been posting a lot of Porsche stuff.  Sure, in a lot of cases the stuff would be considered off-topic, relative to traditional hot rods.  But really, it's not that off-topic.  Just a different breed.

Rod Emory himself comes from the blood line of Neil Emory, Valley Customs, who arguably built some of hot rodding's most notable hot rods and customs.  

Now.  If you appreciate the history of Porsche, but also love the restoration and/or modification of a classic, you just might dig what Rod Emory has going on at Emory Motorsports.  Rod has his hands dirty on some of the rarest early Porsche race cars (904 GTS, 908K, just to name a couple restorations), is driving the movement of "Outlaw" style 356 coupes and race cars (sorry for the pun), preparing vintage racers for track days, and even some classy and tasteful modifications to some original Porsche body lines.  All this requires more than just drive...  TALENTED is one of the complimentary words that comes to mind along with a few others that could describe this guy.  Oh yeah... and not only is he a super nice guy, but he's one heck of a family man with his kids close behind on a path to success.  Check out his website and some of his work below and see what Rod Emory, his family, and his world at Emory Motorsports is all about. ( Or, go crazy and do a Google search for "Rod Emory Porsche" and see what kind of stories and images come up.  Incredible.  This guy is making history and bringing history back to life every day.

Oh... and thanks Rod.  I will find my way to your shop one day.  I'll expect that you will know at least one groove on that drum set by then.  :)

(pictures from general web search, Emory Motorsports, and photograper Ty Milford)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Porsche 904 - The conception

I happen to run across some pictures today of the Porsche 904 that I hadn't seen before.  Some I have and have posted them here, but some I thought I would post in case you hadn't seen them yourself.

Note the two 904-8's in the last picture!  Would love to see where those are now...

(found them HERE while doing a Google search)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Back to Porsches - the 1973 RSR

Lately I've had early RSR's on the brain...  Or maybe just Martinis?

Steam Powered not Steam Punk

This weekend I went to a local Thresher's Reunion, curious about what steam equipment they may have.  Saw some incredible examples of 1800's steam powered equipment and tractors.  So of course, being interested in all things mechanical, I thought I'd post some early drawings and pics of some of the types of stuff I saw...

...Now...  What could a person run around the shop or home with a small steam engine?  Hmmmm...

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Joe Coupe - Banger Model A

Been getting updates on my buddy Joe Leroux's '30 Model A coupe build.  Between the frame rails is a killer hopped-up banger build with some trick parts from H&H Flatheads and backed by an F100 5 Speed.  Super clean build!  Stance change with a dropped front axle and spring mods are in the works for the future.

Here's a few update pictures from him and a collage done by photographer Francisco Noriega

Friday, May 23, 2014

George Kendrick English Wheel - FOR SALE


Someone needs this!  Helping out my buddy Porkchop.  He needs this thing sold and someone needs this in their garage or shop.  Here's the details...

Big, heavy, very old, very English, real deal English Wheel. HEAVY!!! Custom paint job, all anvils included, as shown in the pictures, hammers in anvil tray not included.

English Wheel has been stored inside, includes wheel dollies and rolls easily. This machine will need some adjustments, but is in good condition otherwise.

Please see the pictures below. For any and ALL questions contact Porkchop at Call or text to 704-839-3218. Open to reasonable offers. Trades also considered.