Tuesday, May 9, 2017

the Baker Torpedo - Electric Streamlined Racing Came Early

HUGE thanks to my good friend Andrew for showing me this car.  What an amazing accomplishment for the early 1900's and proving what power electric cars could have on the race car.  Can you imagine driving a car capable of 120 mph in 1902?  Incredible.

Read about the car on the Old Motor...

Baker Torpedo

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Tim George said...

I am the only author to write a book on the wonderful Baker Torpedo Racers. It is my opinion that Walter Baker never went anywhere close to 120 MPH. It is most probably a misunderstanding because in the early days they measured speed in Miles and/or Kilometers per hour at these race events and some reports claim he went 120 Kilometers per hour and that would make it roughly 75 Miles per hour. If you want to learn more go to my website https://www.bakerelectrictorpedo.com. You can also see me interviewed on the last episode of the first season of the White Rabbit Project on Netflix. My book is also on Kindle on Amazon for a few dollars. I have about 5 images of the cars to every 1 you can find online including 3 real photos of it from the era. Walter Baker was a genius who needs your appreciation. Cheers. -Tim