Monday, April 7, 2008

Vintage Dynamic Las Vegas!

So I was back in Vegas this weekend for business and some R&R with family and friends and had the pleasure of attending the Vintage Dynamics open house. Rikki, Josh and family throw a good party! Beer, dogs, live music and bitchin' bikes! It's about time Vegas got a shop that knows what's going on! Couldn't be run by a better bunch of people either! Stop by and say hello if you're in their neck of the woods. Here's their website:

My ride for the evening. Love those 750 Bonnies! Thanks Chris! (not sure what that kid is peeing on)
Chris jammin' on the way to Vintage D'

This guy owns TWO of these Arial Sq. Fours! BEAUTIFUL!

More pictures comin'. I'll post up more throughout the week.

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