Monday, June 23, 2008

Model A update!

I've made some decent progress over the past few months, but it's mostly been little odds and ends that don't really show. The biggest things have been the complete "redo" on the front crossmember, the Hemi that I'm using to do the shake down and getting the body back on so I can finish the k-member on the chassis, shocks, gas tank mounts and a bunch of other little things on the list.

The list is still HUGE! Tons of things to do!!

Slowly but surely...

Ground clearance is much better now. Gained a full inch from the new spring and crossmember design.

Grille shell will get lifted and chopped 4-inches or so.


Big Scott said...

It will all be worth it Scooter!!

mark phelan said...

wow. looking great. nice work.

general gow (from the hamb)