Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year - Bring on 2009!

Okay, you guys are probably all wondering why on EARTH I haven't done anything with my blog this year. Honestly, things have been super busy and even getting on the internet has seamed to be a challenge lately. I didn't want you guys to think I'd given up though.

So here's what going on this year:

* Steve Sellers
* Jordan Droppin' Axles
* Nate from Flat Black Industries I'll be reporting on
* Gotta' finish that Holley 94 "how-to" feature
* Thinkin' I might need to try and fit in a feature on Tony Miller, the Matchbox Marvel!
* Flyin' Dutchman is going to come see me this year (STOKED!)
* Gotta' hit Bonneville this year and of course El Mirage
* There will be a feature on Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle
* More featured hot rod artists
* Hopefully more hot rod photography from me this year (still learning, but love it!)
* A little something on Matt at Gear Drive Speed & Custom (U-fab and lakes header master)
* Think I'm going to have to do something on Jimmy White this year! He's a ruler!
* I'm going to do a little somethin' somethin' on Gary Stauffer, of Quality Engineered Components (BIG HEMI GUY!)
* Have some friends to talk about that are building some stuff, so I'm going to drop in on them.
* Other people I have not mentioned in the line-up to chat about and hopefully more stuff by request this year.

OH YEAH! One more thing! My Model A has to be finished this year, so you will have to listen to me yap about that!

My request from you guys... GIVE ME FEEDBACK on how you like the blog. I heard from a few of you, but I hope to make things a little more "official" this year and your comments and feedback is important to keeping me on track.

Thanks for reading! Hope this year will be a great year for all of us and it will for sure be an exciting and very busy one!

That is all! Now get back to the garage!



Jimmy Mc said...

I always enjoy your Blog and watching your progress!!

Looking for to what you share in 09.


Diesel said...

Love your blog!!! Keep it coming.


Jeff Norwell said...

I think you ROCK!!!!!!

Nate Blanchard said...

Your blog is the most bloggy blog in the world.
You are an inspiration to others as well.
I would watch that Nate character from FBI though.