Friday, July 24, 2009

Everything you need to know about Early Hemis

So a couple years ago when I REALLY started getting obsessed with early Hemis I got really tired of fishing through the mountains of information on the web looking for everything from casting ID numbers to what intake manifolds are available. So, I figured what the hell... let's get something compiled of all the information. Sort of a one-stop-shop for Early Hemi information. It includes information on early Chrysler, DeSoto, and Dodge Hemi motors, even some early Poly motor and Daimler Hemi information, but I think it was pretty obvious that the majority of the info compiled is for Chrysler Hemis (1951 to 1958/331 thru 392). Hopefully we can increase the info on the other makes.

With the help of the HAMB and Jalopy Journal I was able to get a large amount of experienced Hemi builders to come fourth and share their knowledge on these wonderful engines of the Mopar world. Legendary engines, in my opinion. If you like them as much as I do and need more information for your own personal addictions and/or builds, check out the stock pile of information. And if you're a HAMBer and haven't tontributed to the information... well.. SHAME ON YOU!

Keep Hemis alive!

Early Hemi Tech Index... --> CLICK HERE!

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