Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jim Lytle's '32 5-window, Hemi Coupe!!

Generally I'm a fenders-off kind of guy, when it comes to '32 Ford Coupes, but in this case, this is one of the coolest deuce coupes I have ever seen! 354 Chrysler Hemi with a Cragar 8x2 intake manifold also! Totally awesome! If you look close enough at that engine you can see a bunch of really unique things going on, like the copper water cross-over and thermostat housing, dual 4x2 fuel logs to deliver the fuel and that EELCO 8x2 linkage is sweet! Old school stuff at it's finest, right there!!

If anyone has any more information on this car and/or the Hemi that's in it or where any of it might be now, please let me know. You can email me at

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Hemi Hot Rods said...

Very cool hot rod indeed! And if you do find it I would like to check it out as well.