Monday, December 14, 2009

*** ATTENTION! Johnie's Broiler Sign STOLEN! ***

A few months ago, someone apparently wanted to take a little something for themselves to remember Johnie's Broiler. The 18-foot long sign was removed from the premises. The sign looks like the one circled in the photo below.

Hard to miss, folks! If you have information you may email Kevin at: or myself:

Just looking for the sign to be returned. Annonymous is fine. Just want information leading to its return. PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT! Pretty hard to miss an 18-foot sign, but people need to know it's missing first! Post it on your blogger pages, post it on your websites, send emails to your friends, whatever it takes! Your help is appreciated!

Johnie's Broiler is now Bob's Broiler and is located at 7447 Firestone Blvd. Downey, California, 90241. (562) 927-3383

Any help would be appreciated by all that have helped bring back this national landmark!

** NOTE! Please read Kevin's comments in the comment section below this post for more details. **



Anonymous said...

Just want to thank ScooterMcRad here and add a little something here. There were 2 signs that said JOHNIE'S. One was on the east side of the building, and the other was on the west, The contractor stored one onsite in a container that we rented to house all of the historical elements that could be saved from the building.
the other had a large beehive, It went over to SIMINGTON SIGNS on Old River School Road/Firestone, Just a stones throw away from the Broiler.
We were told that someone cut the sign companies owners locks and took the sign and stole a few thou worth of tools, Funny thing is that the 13 foot Fat Boy plexi's and the roatating BIG BOY himself wasn't taken??? The JOHNIE'S sign was 18' in length and about 4 in height. It had animated incandesent bulb inside the letters and neon tube on the perimeter. It needed some work but was the better of the 2.
Let us know if ya see it advertised.
Thanks Scooter and Cyclone K.

ScooterMcRad said...

Thanks Kevin!

Let's help them out guys! Get the word out!