Thursday, January 14, 2010

Metal Artist - Michael Ulman

Today I was browsing around the HAMB and came across the topic of "Steampunk". Not a new term by any means. The term has been around since the late 1800's, referring to futuristic steam powered mechanical devices, but people have even gone so far as to make a lifestyle out of it making it. Fad, maybe? Strange. Anyway, while checking out the topic, a metal artist by the name of Michael Ulman came up. Now being that I REALLY like all things mechanical, and when it comes to art if it's mechanical and "Rube Goldberg" like, then I love it even more. Throw in a little hot rod flavor and you've got something even more exciting.

If you like mechanical, appreciate a little artsy fartsy, and dig hot rods and motorcycles, I think you'll appreciate what's going on here. Check out Michael Ulman's website ----> Michael Ulman

(NOTE: Pictures are from Michael Ulman's website and are not my own)

1 comment:

Richie said...

Jeez...this is what I get for not checking up on things.
I know Mike, he's a good egg....and his studio/workspace is downright fascinating!
The hot rod looking thing....started life as a mailbox.
Like, a real mailbox...that you see on the street.