Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bean's Tattoo Arm Stand

One of my really good brothers, Bean, is a great tattoo guy. He's needed an arm stand for a while, so... I made him one. It only took about a year and half, or something, but it's pretty much done. Few more details to clean up and I need to get the right hardware on there and he can take it back to Vegas.

Most of it is pretty much scratch built, but I had a few parts laying around I thought might make it more interesting than just a plain ol' stand. The base ring is a split 1937 Ford wide-five patterned brake drum. Model A connecting rods were used to keep it indexed when it's being adjusted, and 331 Chrysler Hemi valves and springs were used as the actual arm rest. Bean will do the finish coatings so it can be properly sterilized.

Need a good tattoo guy in Las Vegas? Check out Bean, at Living Dead Tattoo Parlor.

1 comment:

bcart82 said...

Wow! This is art. I want to get tattooed by the guy just to see this thing!