Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Erik Warner's '31 Roadster

Awhile back, my buddy Erik mentioned he bought a 31 Ford Roadster and needed a little help getting it from the middle of nowhere, California, back to Huntington Beach. So my other buddy Dan offered up his enclosed trailer and I offered up a Saturday and we helped a hot rod brother get his project home.

Sometime in the car's history, an owner had done some real "interesting" work to the car. Questionable welds, bizarre BOP 350 adaptation to the 283, an equally bizarre choice of suspension components, and some sheet metal work that really just never should have happened. But... Erik being as build savvy as he is, made some important, yet quick fixes, and got it on the road to enjoy! Great little roadster and it definitely gets up and goes!

Hats off to Erik for saving another one! Erik since moved to Hawaii and had been making trips back to put time into it. Now that it's on the road he will take it back to Hawaii with him. What better place to own a roadster!

Here's how it looked when we picked it up..

After Erik's time working out of a tiny garage in Huntington Beach...

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