Monday, November 1, 2010

Planishing Hammer Project - Phase 1

So being that I have small case of burn out, when it comes to working on my Model A, I decided to work on a few other things that have been on the back-burner.

I've had this HF planishing hammer sitting around for awhile and it needed a stand before I could use it. It's not the greates planishing hammer, but it was cheap, and it's a good start to playing around with small powered type hammers for metal shaping tools. Mostly I bought it for the dies and pneumatics. I'll probably end up replacing a lot of it, and I'll DEFINITELY be making a new chassis for it. The C-shaped chassis is aweful and reaks of low-quality (as do other components). I'll learn how to use it before making a new chassis, though. I want to know exactly what I need before I start bending tubes. So Phase 1 is just getting a stand made and getting it set up with what's included. Then Phase 2 will be the complete rebuild of how it's laid out.

Here's the stand construction...

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AJ Elias said...

You get burned out too!?!

I see you are making good use out of your new tubing roller. You used it for the legs here.