Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cutaway Illustrations

One of the most underrated types of artwork is the cutaway illustration. The masterpieces that show the GUTS of our favorite mechanical marvels. The time put into these illustrations must be unthinkable to create so many details, and more times than not, fully sketched or painted by hand.

This is my personal favorite type of artwork. I've been sketching cars, gears, and mechanical stuff, for as long as I can remember, as well as done boat loads of actual board drafting... As in paper taped to a board, pencils, t-squares, triangles, eraser shields, and the whole bit. I have built up quite a collection of these type of pictures from all over. Time to start sharing what I've saved... You're going to start seeing a lot more of these here! And maybe I'll actually be able to sit down and start drawing my own again, one day... We'll see!

NOTE: None of these are mine and most of them I don't know who the artist is. If you are the artist of one of these or know who the artist is, please feel free to comment to let everyone know.


Bob said...

I'd bet that one of the color images was done by the European artist, Rony Lutz. He's well known for doing a lot of Saab cutaways for advertising purposes. I, too am a real fan of this unique art form.

Anonymous said...

I admire the cutaway illustrations. It is what inspired me to pursue technical illustration and mechanical design. I started with board drawings and even did some ink work. I’ve been using 3D CAD since the early 90’s. I like this blog.

Jody Peterson said...

I am hoping to get at least one of these done for the "Hot Rod With No Name". love these things!

ScooterMcRad said...

Jody! That would be GREAT! That car is going to RULE!

Buzzman said...

I own the original pencil drawing of that GT40 Cutaway, when we moved offices they threw out tons of stuff and my boss gave it to me before it was thrown away. There was also a large airbrushed version of that drawing as well on the office wall but that disappeared. I still do cutaways of engines but it's all on computers now.