Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Seret Speed Shop - Build it from Scratch!

So I'm a huge fan of vintage race cars. Especially 50's and 60's era race cars. I always thought it would be really cool to build a body from scratch the way people in this industry did during this era. Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, AC, Jaguar, and many others built race cars by hand during this time, and of course earlier. The ultimate in automotive craftsmanship! Well... Matt Seret, of Seret Customs with the assistance of Kirk Jones, are doing just this! Very inspiring and motivational! Excited to see the end results!

Check out and follow their build progress on Seret's blog on their website and blog pages...

Seret Customs
Seret Blog


bill hunt said...

tell us more

ScooterMcRad said...

Wish I could, Bill. I've been bugging Matt to get to work, but he's tied up in some other stuff. I still give him crap anyway... :)

Check out the links to Seret Speed right above the pictures and it will take you to his blog where you should send him messages to hurry up and get some work done so we can see it come together! :)