Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Bar of Chocolate

So I have to throw a plug up here for my wife, because she is seriously kicking some ARSE behind the lens, lately!  Super proud!  It's a new blog, so make sure to check out the project she's doing.  A picture a day for a year and also for the first 30 she's actually shooting specific subject matter just to learn.



marc / lowtech said...

your wife takes great pictures!

ScooterMcRad said...

Hey THANKS man! I will pass the good word on. She's super excited to be doing this stuff. She shot film for years, but is somewhat new to the digital stuff and wants to do more with it for the long term, so this has been a really good way of getting familiar with the cams.

Jody Peterson said...

Very cool, totally diggin it. I have my own project going that is similar to this. I create new guitar riffs/songs everyday. You can see it on my blog or search for RiffADay on YouTube or Riff-A-Day on FB.