Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Carl Brunson - Body and Paint Work Tips

For over 40 years, Carl has been making cars look beautiful!  He's been featured in numerous books and magazines including just about every Tex Smith publication and plenty of hot rod related magazines.  Today he dropped me a little note with something he's been working on with Hot Rod Hotline.  He's been working on series of online articles to give us guys just learning this stuff the low-down on what works for him, his recommendations, and some tips and tricks that really work.  He's continually adding to the articles and there will be more pictures added in the future as well.

Big thanks to Carl for doing these articles!  I'm looking forward to future additions!  Going to keep the link in my personal favorites!

Enjoy, everyone!

Click here --->  Paint and Body

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First Car Reunion said...

Great article, bookmarked it. My old C10 needs some TLC on the body.