Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gulwing-America's P/904... A modern GTS

Well, I ran across this on Top Gear's site, and I was sort of shocked.

As a lot of you know, I've always been a big Porsche fan of just about any variety.  The only one Porsche that just never really did anything for me was the Boxster, though.  I will say I have respect and appreciation for well thought out rear mid-engined car, for some reason the Boxster just never visually meshed for me.  But, maybe there's a use for them...

So, this discussion naturally has to include thoughts on replicas vs. a pure and simple classic Porsche.  Should they be compared?  Should a "continuation car" really be considered worthy of sitting next to the real thing.  I guess that answer will really depend on a person's tastes and how authentic the replica is, but this new trend of throw back cars like the GT500, new Mustangs, some of the Superformance cars, and some of Chrysler's new products, has me thrown for a loop.  I appreciate them, but would I buy one??  I don't know.  I'm torn.

So in steps Gullwing-America with probably the ultimate "throw-back" car.  And it's a PORSCHE.  And it greatly resembles the 904/904-6.  I've always loved the 904 GTS.  One of my all time favorite race cars and to this day I think some of the styling points were ahead of their time (while some points may have been more on the all-business side).  But for modern day sports cars, the P/904 really catches my attention.  And I would certainly buy it over a Boxster or Cayman...  But probably not over a 911 of equal value, a true Porsche.  The P/904 is interesting none the less.

Crap.  I'm not buying anything, at all, anyway!  I have too many car projects laying around here as is and not enough money to go around.  But, it will be interesting to see what happens with this P/904 concept...

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