Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hemi Nutter - Setting up a 6x2 on an early Hemi

I ran across this link on the HAMB today.  I had to share this.

6 Holley 94's on a 354

There is some great info on setting up a 6x2 (6 Holley 94's) progressively linked on a 354 Hemi.  For those of us who thought it was somehow a good idea to RUN this setup, you will understand how much anyone's accounts of setting one up helps.

Have a look at HEMI NUTTER's website for his 1932 Ford Pickup...


Unknown said...

Well... what an honor, being on your website !

Scribbling down a few ramblings is something i thought i should share as i searched hard before doing mine.

Of course, big help to me was ScooterMcRad !!

Thanks, Heminutter

ScooterMcRad said...

Just giving credit where credit is due! Glad people still want to share what they're doing! The best part about the internet (when not abused) is the ability to pull people together that can help each other. Especially in the hot rod community. And even MORE SO, the early Hemi community.