Friday, April 10, 2015

Daniel Schaefer - Drive Heckmotor-Sportwagen

"Hello.  I drive Heckmotor-Sportwagen..."  Heard this before?

A little while back, some crazy European Porsche dork friends of mine said, "Hey!  Have you met Daniel Schaefer yet?"   Uhhh...  well...  I hadn't, but I was blown away by this guy's talent when I checked out his blog, Heckmotor-Sportwagen.   Photographer, Porsche enthusiast and builder, hell of a writer, oh...  and a cyclist crazy man!

Recently Daniel finished this perfect era correct, Albert Blue, early 911.  The "911 GT" is based on a '66 912 and is flawlessly done.  And what a feeling to be able to stand back and look at your own creation through the lens of your own camera.  Respect!

Okay...  so on with the post, before I get too wordy.  Check out his blog and check out his photography at and more here...  All pictures here are by Daniel himself.

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