Monday, March 24, 2008

Been thinkin' about planes again...

Okay, ever since I was little I've been into WWII planes. Maybe it started with a model of a B-17 I did when I was like 8 or something, I don't know. None the less I've always been amazed by them. The hobby for the OBSCENELY WEALTHY now!! None the less, I guess old planes and all the related mechanics and construction techniques go hand in hand with traditional hot rods and bikes... no coincidence there!

P-51 Mustang!

F4U-1 Corsair

TBM and TBF Avengers brought justice at Medway

Wanna' go REAL fast?? How about strappin' into a Gee Bee!

So... what's under the hood??

Wasp Jr. by Pratt and Whitney
Common valve train configuration

Common radial cylinder configuration

The Wasp Major R-4360 by Pratt and Whitney was 28 cylinders of twisted love! I think you have to be a little twisted yourself to come up with such an engine design! INSANE!

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