Friday, March 14, 2008

I love to file... I must be sick!!

Nothing more rewarding, in my opinion, than personally managing every square inch of the sheetmetal on your build. I'm getting better at the bumping and filing thing. Seems like the rate of progress is about 1 inch per hour, but WELL worth it! I hate filler on every level and If I don't have to use it I'll be a happy guy!

So far I've only had a chance to work on cleaning up the verticle seams in the roof corners, but you can see where things are going. Still tons of little pin holes that need attention and a couple places where I overstretched things and will have to use a shrinking disk to shrink things back into shape, but not too aweful. I always have a hard time showing people stuff like this since it's still a major work in progress. When it's done you'll never know there were welds there.

You can see where the verticle cuts were in this picture.

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