Friday, August 1, 2008

Changes coming... What do you think??

Just a heads up. I'm going to start doing some features on various shops and builders who have been an influence to me as well as people who just get what this is all about. They won't be long features, but more like an introduction. I have quite a growing list of some people I think need a shout out. I'm talkin' traditional hot rods, chops, and the likes. I still have some tech stuff in the works too, but things have managed to get busy around here and it's getting tough to keep this page updated. Didn't forget about you guys though!

Let me know what you guys think! Login and tell me!



Nate Blanchard said...

hmm. Just tell me when mine is.. ;)

Jason said...

scooter-haven't been around much busy myself...triumph is coming along-good to see you puggin away at it! GO FOR IT!