Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Your car is not your bathroom or your living room chair!!

My HAMB buddy, Mike, was driving back to Phoenix from a sunny time at Bonneville in his '32 Tudor when some chick in a Honda seemed to have difficulties with the ability to drive, got sideways on the highway (this was in perfect weather in broad daylight folks!!), and t-boned him. Who knows what happened behind the wheel of that car, but LOTS of damage to Mike's deuce including a completely destroyed front fender, lots of body damage, bend frame, bent tie rod and even a bent spindle!! Because Mike is a ruler... he drove it home the 200 miles he had left after straightening some things out to get it functioning!

You're my hero Mike and I'm glad you're okay!

For those of you who don't take driving seriously and feel the need to do everything BUT pay attention to the road and other people around you, please don't drive! YOU SUCK and you're going to kill someone!

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