Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dan Webb and HIS Golden Sub!

Right now, one of the most inspirational builds going for me is Dan Webb's interpretation of the original marvel, the Golden Submarine that was brought to life by Harry Miller in 1916. Dan's build has been VERY exciting to watch come together. Unfortunately, I have to get all this info second hand from various news groups including Street Rodder, Jalopnik, the Jalopy Journal, SEMA news groups, etc. but I'll take what I can get. This thing is amazing! The detail, the engineering, construction, EVERYTHING! Amazing! In addition to all that... the car features a modern Ford Racing 4-cylinder engine, producing more than 400 HP and is run on Alcohol. The car weighs less than 1000 pounds! I'll let you guys do the math on it's capabilities...

Thank you Dan for bringing us such an amazing piece of automotive artwork! Can't wait to see this thing in person some day!

Harry Miller's Golden Sub in 1917

Dan Webb's concept sketches

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