Thursday, October 23, 2008

To the Readers!

Things have been really busy here guys! Been working alot and pushing hard to get the Model A done. I'm a little behind on getting stuff up. Bear with me though! I've still got some good things in the works, including a little something from Steve Sellers, a Hemi roadster to tell you about, some Holley 94 rebuild stuff and tons more inspirational pictures from various people. I'll be posting more on the Model A project as well.

If you guys would like to send cool pictures or anything related to traditional hot rodding, Early Hemi tech and information, or maybe have a blog or website to tell everyone about that is related to these topics, please email them to me and make sure to put something in the subject line that will let me know it's not junk mail. Make sure you give me a name so I know who to give credit to.


Thanks for following and for your support!



Jimmy Mc said...

I have been checking twice a day to hear the hemi running!!!!!!!

ScooterMcRad said...

Awww man! You're breakin' my heart!

If I do a video it's gonna' be super short. That 4bbl carb has some SERIOUS issues and I really don't want to invest anymore time in it. I'm going to pick up a 2bbl adapter for the the 4bbl manifold and start going through the Holley 94's one at a time. I'll do a video then.

It definitely sounds like an ANIMAL!!!

Jimmy Mc said...

It definitely sounds like an ANIMAL!!!

Thats why I wanna hear it!

Unknown said...

scooter, you're blog is great, quality not quantity!!!

josh (2_wheel)---