Monday, March 16, 2009

When you need to get wired... Check these guys!

I have a huge love-hate thing going on with wiring! Wiring a car can be the biggest pain in the rear, but as a hobbiest I enjoy tinkering. It's still one of those things I don't trust myself with, though. I couldn't imagine trying to figure out every circuit for a car from scratch... lights, gauges, directionals (if you use that kind of stuff), charging circuits, etc.. If you're like me, you don't even want to go down that path (even though the DIYer says "you can do it").

There is an alternative! Buy a wiring harness that's mapped out and ready to go. "Organized wiring" is nothing new to the aftermarket hot rod scene, but often the big players, in that catagory, are just too expensive for what is basically a bunch of wires and a fuse panel that someone has organized, color coded and labeled. I've used these "name brand" panels and I have to tell you, it made life easy, but the cost almost made me want to figure it out on my own.

There's a new player! Rebel Wire, of Olney, Illinois. They have simplified kits that cover just about every application and are very affordable for the do-it-yourselfer. If you don't see what you need through them, maybe you're just building your hot rod or kustom too complicated.

Rebel's kits range in price from $132 to $218 and have options of 8 to 20 fusable circuits. They also provide several other additional options like accesories to make your gauge hook up easier as well as a pile of other connectors and relays that you might need for custom applications.

Check out Rebel Wiring.

9+3 harness. $150!


Big Scott said...

im there to help scooter!! i wired the 54 truck with a 12 circit
painless, at first i thought no way!! but after it is in and all laid out it was a can of corn!!

ScooterMcRad said...

You're a ruler big Daddy! Either way you need to stop by sometime!

Chopperdave said...

Is it weird that I could wire cars and bikes all day and totally enjoy myself?

ScooterMcRad said...

HA! YES! A little bit... wait... NO! It's not! I did actually enjoy wiring my coupe, but I would have HATED life if I had done it from scratch!

mopar_man said...

Good to see another alternative. A friend of mine has helped install a couple Painless kits and says they're absolute garbage (turn on the signal light, the window goes down, honk the horn and the headlights come on, that sort of thing). He said he would have had less time into making a harness from scratch than using the Painless stuff. Thanks for the link!