Thursday, April 16, 2009

Buy these 392 Pistons!

These things have got to go! Good deal folks! Here's the skinny:

Alright, so I've got these +.040 over cast 392 pistons. They were in one of my Hemis and were only run for approximately 1-hour total run time at the very most. They are HY DUTY brand. They're basically new pistons, but two of them just have a couple surface blems on the skirt. I suspect from sitting in the bores and will probably just come off with a little scotch brite, but I didn't want to try. Nothing to worry about though.

The wrist pin size is .9840" and they ARE included!

Piston measures approximately 2.070" from the top of the dome to the wrist pin center (sort of hard to measure). The diameter at the skirt measures 4.0385". A VERY reliable source says these pistons match some he has on the shelf that are labeled as 1958 with 10:1 compression.

I measured the finished bore size at approximately 4.040". You would need to give them to your machinist to make sure you get the right size bore, obviously. Rings are included and look to be Moly type.

$200 plus shipping and I'll even pack 'em up real nice in bubble wrap and everything so they get to you safe and sound.

Just put 'em on and go! If you have questions just ask or email me!

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