Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photo Shoot - Jordan Graham & the PeckerWood 500

So recently I had the privilege of dropping in on my buddy Jordan to check out his latest build... Not a 4-wheeled vehicle this time, but a 1967 Triumph 500 chop, true 60's style! And it doesn't just look pretty, it goes like hell and can handle all the abuse that crazy man Graham gives it! Of course like every other great build that Jordan does, it's a family affair... Women, children, dogs, and Dads are all involved!

Look for the upcoming article in Outlaw Biker Magazine for more details on the build.

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Sascha said...


Sweet bike - I am rebuilding a Honda 305 Dream from 1966, I own a company called and want to send you a rad pair of jeans, check them out below! Just go to the blog section of my site and you can get our contact info and we will connect to send them out to you in the mail! Keep it real man and keep posting this aswesome stuff on fabrication, cars and bikes!!!