Monday, April 4, 2011

Need some work done on your grille? Dr. David Myers can help!

Okay boys and girls! Now THIS is where you want to go to get your smile straight!

Dr. David Myers' office, in Conway, Arkansas is the most amazing Orthodontics office I have ever seen! Lots of time and effort went into the construction and details of this establishment. Great applause to the Doc and for this wonderful accomplishment!

I have to go to the dentist on Wednesday to have a cavity filled. One of the reasons I HATE going to the dentist is because dentist offices are usually just UGLY inside! They need to take some tips from this place!

Just as a tip, if there are any Dentists, or any other kind of Doctors reading, if your office is ugly inside, chances are people will enjoy their visit even LESS. Just something to think about.

(pictures by David Myers)

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