Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Short Film on the first generation Hemi V8!

It's a Formal request, really. If ANY of you followers are into hot rods and early Hemi's, I have a formal request. Will someone PLEASE do a short film on early Mopar Hemi V8's, their history in motor sports (drag racing, road racing, Bonneville, etc.) as well as their place today in our "Hot Rod Society"? Pretty please?

Just an idea... If I knew anything about shooting moving pictures I would give it a go. Some amazing cars in history ran the first generation (early to late 50's) Hemi V8's. They set records and blew minds. Rather it was on the drag strip, flying across the salt, pulling multiple G's in a corner on a road course, or tromping the gas from stop light to stop light in a hot rod, they have been in our motor sports history and in our hot rods since they were released in the early 50's. The elephant motors look insane, sound amazing, and ripped rubber off of rims. Would be wonderful to see more than 5-minute movie clips on YouTube about them.

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