Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rob's Pan

A buddy of mine, Robert Van Diest, from the Netherlands, got a hold of me the other day and sent me some pictures of his Panhead chop. This thing is RAD for sure!! Thanks for getting in touch with me man! Come visit soon!

Here's what Rob had to say about it...

I bought it as a real basket case 2 years ago. I only had a frame, springerfront, wheels, oiltank, sportster gastank, gearbox/transmission and only the bottom half of the engine. I asked a friend of mine to make it whole again for me. So he did. First we had to find the parts to finish it and i toke the bottom half of the engine to a local specialist to make the engine complete and fast.
After one year it was finished (see the picture with the "righty tighty" gastank) and i took it to a local show.
but i didnt like the look and so we redid some of it. A new mustang gastank, mini ape and new paint job. and now it is like in the pictures on the street.

Some specs.
aftermarket wishbone hardtailframe
16 inch backwheel with a shinko whitewall
21 inch frontwheel with avon tire
mustang gastank
springer replica front
self made rear fender
self made seat
self made exhaustpipes
self made mine apes
self made kick stand
selfmade forward controls (midpegs are cool, but i'm over 6 foot so thats a no no ;-)
rattle can paintjob for real. it looks like a million dollar paintjob, but it only costs like 75 dollars ha ha ha
a lot of swapmeet extras like the headlight, taillight, etc
4 speed kicker only transmission
the engine is a mix of old skool and new skool, because i wanted the old skool looks, but new skool performance. I could buy the new s&s panheads, but the cost a ton over here and so this was a litllte bit less expensive and more unique.
it has a delkron bottom
it has new cilinders
and real panhead heads from the year 58
The were flowed and bored up from 74 Cu to over 80 cu. so that i could use shovel/evo parts for the inside drivetrain.
All this is connected with a bdl 1.5 inch open belt drive system.
It has suicide clutch and stickshift so that is new to me and will some extra miles of practising ha ha ha....

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