Friday, June 19, 2009

Limeworks Speed Shop - 15 Years

Had the pleasure of poking around Limeworks Speed Shop, in Whittier, CA yesterday. Steve is celebrating 15 years of successful hot rod building. My hats of to him and the whole crew that helped make it happen! Congratulations!

Need some cool parts for your traditional hot rod? Check out Limeworks or drop in and see their showroom and shop, located in a cool old building on Greenleaf in Whittier!

Limeworks Speed Shop

Keep rockin' ya' ol' "china plate"!

Here's a few pictures from around the shop. I'll be going back up at some point to get some more pictures, if Steve will let me back in the building. :) For now, you'll just have to hold out with these...

The killer shop protector, Kona. The dog that will eat your furniture.

Blown Daimler Hemi!! You guys KNOW I'm a sucker for a Hemi!

Steve acting like the tough guy while Craig and I laugh, because we know better.

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