Monday, June 22, 2009

Model A Progress

Lots of progress this weekend... got the heads on the "new" hemi build after some minor deck surgery, made some seat risors (will pivot later so the seat can flip forward), and the biggest progress was the fuel tank mounts! TONS of work went into these stupid things, but I think it ties everything together nicely.

Been working on linkage for the Hemi with the mock-up motor that's in the car..

Heads on and double roller timing chain in place...

Starting to look like there's a place to sit in this thing. Put some padding in the seats just to try to get the sitting position close.

The new risors

Bracket building! At least 20 hours just in these two brackets. GAH!

Had to set the Crafty-B fuel cap up on there to see how it looked! Stoked for sure!


Joyrides Art Co said...

Looking good.

Andrew said...

The fuel tank brackets and your seat risers turned out amazing! You're almost there. It's almost a finished car!

matt@machine said...

thats some nice work man...just started to check out your blog... its too good...thanks

Bass said...

I like the brackets! Nice work, dude.