Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holley 94's and how to build 'em! *COMING SOON*

Okay... I got really SICK of asking around for information on rebuilding Holley 94 carbs, but since I started looking around I've collected tons of stuff and finally started rebuilding carbs. I've got quite a few of them to do and for all those people that are ALSO sick of looking for stuff I'm going to post EVERYTHING I have including my own take on the rebuild process, and I'm building up a 6x2 setup for one of my Hemis including the rebuild of all six carbs from top to bottom, the linkage, fuel line setup, EVERYTHING! I'm going to post it all, so if this interests you, keep checkin' back. It will all come, but is going to take some time. I'll post stuff as I finish and get pictures and details edited so things are clear. Just want to share the knowledge and maybe help someone along the way.

Here's some sneak peak preview of a tare-down I just did. Stay tuned for more stuff soon...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some scenes from the weekend

110 tunnels
"The One" in the Devil's Woodshop
Nail head 6-pack
Rick's Desoto Hemi monster!
Louvered deck lids rule!
REAL vintage speed!
Bad Bob's bad Merc!
Vincent Thomas Bridge
Almost to downtown Long Beach and cool ocean air...

Old Crow and Hollywood Hot rods

Next door to Old Crow Speed Shop is Troy and the gang at Hollywood Hot Rods. Definitely some projects to drool over in that shop!

This '36 Ford Coupe is going to be insane! Awesome metal work!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Old Crow... More pics

Pics of some of the cars in the street. There's tons more. I'm going to post a little at a time...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Old Crow Speed Shop Open House

So this weekend, Old Crow Speed Shop and Hollywood Hot Rods next door, had an open house. My buddy Bob, Myself, Jimmy and his gal all cruised up to Burbank to check it out.

Before going over to the open house we stopped at our buddy Chris Casny's shop first. The Devil's Woodshop. An amazing old building in Burbank! I was told that it used to be a machine shop. He bought it and runs his custom furniture business out of it. He also is a huge hot rod enthusiast, so we wanted to check out his latest project, a Nailhead powered 30/31 Model A coupe. Fantastic lookin' car! Gonna' be bitchin' for sure! Thanks for the quick tour Chris!

Next off to meet up with a few people going over to Old Crow as well and we all cruised over together. Great shops! Great hosts! Great time!

These are some pictures just to get you started. TONS more to come!

In Bob's '49 Merc following Jimmy in his '50 Merc
Almost to Burbank
Chris' "The One" Coupe build
Pickin' up the rest of the crew for the drive over, the cars got a little shade on a toasty day
Chris' boat tail roadster! More pictures of this later
We own this bridge! What a way to make an entrance!
Some scenes from around the shop now! Cool stuff in every corner!

Keep your pants on... more in a bit!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Hot Rod Video

Totally cool video showing a SCTA sponsored event at El Mirage! Awesome 32 Roadster also!

Another Hemi Update

Okay, I dropped the pan last night and pulled the timing cover and found... well... nothing bad, but nothing to jump for joy about. The most important thing is that the internals really are spotless! Oil was clean, oil pump looked new, pistons are new (look like NOS HY DUTY brand .040 over cast pistons), timing chain had about .095 of deflection and is of the stock replacement type as well.

The thing I'm not so happy about is that the cam appears to be completely stock spec if not actually THEE stock cam. Doesn't look worn per say, but nothing exciting about it. I'm going to put a dial indicator on it tonight and see if I can figure out what the actual lift is. A big cam in this thing wouldn't be good with the piston choice anyway. The compression is low and could easily be over-cammed at this point.

SO... what's the plan, you ask? I'm going to clean this up, repaint it, regasket, reassemble, change the intake manifold and head bolts and pretty much run it just like it is. It will work to shake down the Model A just fine. In the mean time I will work on building the high compression motor I would like to have with one of my other blocks. Then do the transplant later on. This "354" (or 368, whatever you want to call it) just isn't going to get the performance I want, but it's still a Hemi and it's still cooler than any newer era motor.

HMMMM... low compression, large bore, short stroke... almost sounds like a good candidate for a blower! HWUA HWUA HWUA!!!