Monday, February 9, 2015

Can't Afford it? BUILD IT!

In our lifetime, I fear that we will never see handcrafted cars the way they used to be built.  There are a few ambitiously built one-off "sports cars" here and there by some very talented people, but on a production basis, there will be very few auto makers building things by hand anymore, simply because of the time and resources associated with making something like that happen.

There are also a few hand-made replicas out there of legendary cars that are an incredible tribute and in many cases virtually identical.  These blow my mind.  To me, this is the future.  The ultimate way to pay tribute.  In many cases, these cars are built by pure-hearted, passionate hobbyists.  Whatever it takes, folks.  If there is a car you want, but know you will never be able to afford, invest in the skills and time to research and build it yourself.  Build the ultimate replica!  Maybe this theory is what this blog should be based on...

Thanks to my good friend Jeffrey James, of Sugar City Speed Shop, for sending me the link.


NZ Made 1962 Ferarri GTO Replica from John Rietveld on Vimeo.