Wednesday, November 18, 2009

'36 Ford Coupe of the Day

I stumbled on this 1936 Ford Coupe on the HAMB today. The car is owned by Al Cook, out of Ontario. He bought the car with a non-matching Ford flatty drivetrain and knew that he wanted to do some serious trips with the car so he updated to a more modern drive-line and suspension as well as redid the interior to his liking. Overall just a really nice looking, clean, and clearly defined car with a great stance, and the best part is... It's getting DRIVEN!

Great job Al!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Jim Lytle 32 Coupe - Engine and intake found!

Okay, I've been trying to keep track of what's going on with the search for this car. Here's the previous post I did on the car:

Jim Lytle's '32 Ford Five-window Coupe

The engine currently in another car and the search for the actual car continues.

Check out the Cragar 8x2! Four individual manifold plenums! Crazy stuff! Also notice the dimples in the valve covers. Those look to be hand made and not from the factory. The factory dimples would have had more of a "tubbed" shape to them like the C300, Industrial, and Marine engines.

AMAZING! I'll keep you guys posted as I learn more.

If ANYONE has information regarding the where-abouts of this car and/or knows any information about the Cragar 8x2 manifolds, please email me --->

Thanks to the folks at Browns Metal Mods for providing the information and search details!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Drilling the axle...

My front axle has been just askin' for holes! So I drilled it...

Here's the link to the actual HAMB tech write-up I did on how to do it...

TECH: How I drilled my dropped axle