Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Films - Lambrecht Chevrolet Dealership Auction TIME CAPSULE!

This is INCREDIBLE!!!  It's absolutely for real!  Brand new Chevy cars and trucks locked up and being sold!  Unbelievable!

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Porsche by Design - Race on Sunday

October is right around the corner for those interested in going to North Carolina Museum of Art to see their Porsche by Design, Seducing Speed display.

Latest video released with some great info about the 550 and 904...

Race on Sunday from The North Carolina Museum of Art on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

T5 to Early Ford Closed Drive Line Conversion

Have you ever wondered how you could run an early Ford closed drive shaft from that early banjo rear with a later overdrive transmission?  Well, there is one guy that has made this possible with a nice little adapter.  Keep that period looking rear axle assembly and Flathead, or whatever power plant suits your fancy, and run a GM T5 transmission with his adapter and you can have your cake and eat it too.

Dan Bridges of Orange, California, has put together a cast aluminum and machined adapter along with the other components you will need to use your junkyard S-10 4x4 T5 overdrive transmission and your stock type closed driven rear end.  The adapter and components are a simple solution to a complicated adaptation.  Absolutely genius.  The adapter is engineered and machined to high-tolerances and will withstand about anything you throw at it.  Dan drives his everywhere behind a highly modified Ford B-banger.  Rather he's hauling down the highway (I've experienced this first hand) or pulling low numbers at the drag strip, it will handle the abuse.

For more information on Dan's drive line adapter, you can contact him at  I think you will find the price to be very reasonable for the amount of effort it takes to produce this conversion.

Hot Rod Dashes and Cast Parts - Grace and Company

A teaser for everyone!  You're going to want one of these!  Or MORE than one of these.

My buddy Chris Hedrick is making some seriously cool dash inserts and some more cast accessories to follow.  These are some of the coolest dashes I've seen yet and they're made right here in the good old US of A, and thought up by a hot rodder with good taste and an eye for detail!

There are a couple varieties to choose from and all will be available in as-cast or polished finish.  They are approximately 6" tall by 17" long and will fit 3-3/8" and 2-1/16" standard size gauges.  They will also be available without holes for your custom applications.

These dashes will be sold through Sugar City Speed Shop and you may contact Chris by email at for any questions regarding the dashes.  He also has future plans for some other goodies you're going to want!  Some great depression era hot rod parts!

Grace and Co. products will also be featured in the next issue of the Rodder's Journal quarterly magazine.  They feature only the best of the best hot rod parts.

A photo shoot to follow with more details and pictures of these little master pieces!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Road Trip - Take one! The roads are still there...

My wife and I have driven across this amazing country of ours a few times.  We love road trips.  Admittedly we find ourselves in hotels and not camping on the side of the road, but we do love a drive and all the scenery and adventures to be had while driving.  It's a great way to just catch up on all our thoughts, talk about stuff that we've not had time to tell each other, or simply just shut up and open our eyes to all that's around us.  We even have a future "Road Trip Car."  A 1953 Pontiac Chieftain 2-door Sedan that will pilot us on many wonderful adventures, and maybe even pull a neat little vintage trailer behind it and hit some cool camp grounds for a relaxing night beside a camp fire with S'mores and more stories.  The point is to get out and see the world in the flesh, instead of watching it on the internet, my stupid blog, or on the television.

A buddy of mine at work, Jeff, an obvious car enthusiast, often sends me cool links and movies, and today he sent me a real doozy of a link!  If you're reading my blog, chances are you "GET IT" and will read this story posted at "Stance Works", despite what is being driven.  The story just reminded me of so many good times in old cars and so many times I've driven these great American roads of ours, either with family or even all by my lonesome...

Enjoy this story in this link --> The True Driving Experience Only Comes from Driving A Classic

Friday, June 7, 2013

Banger Speedsters

Modified madness... inspiration for a future build.  Several of these are Ford Model A and Model T based.  Some are not...

Friday Films - Supercharged Grand Prix

This is a fantastic (almost feature length) film. Incredible video about early Grand Prix cars.

Friday Films - Nurburgring - Hermann Lang

Great vintage film about the Nurburgring and Hermann Lang behind the wheel of a W125 GP

Friday Films - Vintage Indy

Still some of my favorites and worthy of re-posting.  Turn it up!