Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holley 94's and how to build 'em! *COMING SOON*

Okay... I got really SICK of asking around for information on rebuilding Holley 94 carbs, but since I started looking around I've collected tons of stuff and finally started rebuilding carbs. I've got quite a few of them to do and for all those people that are ALSO sick of looking for stuff I'm going to post EVERYTHING I have including my own take on the rebuild process, and I'm building up a 6x2 setup for one of my Hemis including the rebuild of all six carbs from top to bottom, the linkage, fuel line setup, EVERYTHING! I'm going to post it all, so if this interests you, keep checkin' back. It will all come, but is going to take some time. I'll post stuff as I finish and get pictures and details edited so things are clear. Just want to share the knowledge and maybe help someone along the way.

Here's some sneak peak preview of a tare-down I just did. Stay tuned for more stuff soon...

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