Friday, May 2, 2008

Sneak peak...

So after several weeks of interruptions, thanks to freelance work, I finally got to address some cross member issues last night. When I started the frame it was setup up for a Posies "Heavy Duty" Super Slide series spring that was 2-inches lower than stock. The spring was great, but that put the front end at a scary height WITHOUT the Hemi being fully built. It was actually just below the scrub line! WHOA! So I talked with posies and found out that they had the same spring but with an inch more arch to raise things up a bit. Since Posies has amazing customer service they did a straight swap for the spring. Very cool of them! HOWEVER! This meant that the crossmember I made wouldn't have the correct shape. Had to ditch it and start over. Wasn't so sure I liked how the old one worked out anyway, so all problems solved.

I carefully cut out the shape of the new cross member, reinforced the frame and cut out the old cross member. Then I trimmed off the extra material on the frame, tripple checked my measurements and angles (cross member will be set to 7 degrees at ride height) and tacked it in place.

I got a little further, but you're just going to have to wait and see what I did until next update.
The old setup with the super low spring
You can see the shape of the new spring has way too much arch for the old crossmember
The cut and unwelded crossmember
Tacked in place (hint: the front "wings" will curve around the side and provide additional support as well as form a nice curve on the corners)
My Optrel space helmet! HAHA! Best tool investment EVER!

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