Monday, May 19, 2008

Old Crow Speed Shop Open House

So this weekend, Old Crow Speed Shop and Hollywood Hot Rods next door, had an open house. My buddy Bob, Myself, Jimmy and his gal all cruised up to Burbank to check it out.

Before going over to the open house we stopped at our buddy Chris Casny's shop first. The Devil's Woodshop. An amazing old building in Burbank! I was told that it used to be a machine shop. He bought it and runs his custom furniture business out of it. He also is a huge hot rod enthusiast, so we wanted to check out his latest project, a Nailhead powered 30/31 Model A coupe. Fantastic lookin' car! Gonna' be bitchin' for sure! Thanks for the quick tour Chris!

Next off to meet up with a few people going over to Old Crow as well and we all cruised over together. Great shops! Great hosts! Great time!

These are some pictures just to get you started. TONS more to come!

In Bob's '49 Merc following Jimmy in his '50 Merc
Almost to Burbank
Chris' "The One" Coupe build
Pickin' up the rest of the crew for the drive over, the cars got a little shade on a toasty day
Chris' boat tail roadster! More pictures of this later
We own this bridge! What a way to make an entrance!
Some scenes from around the shop now! Cool stuff in every corner!

Keep your pants on... more in a bit!

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