Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Hemi in the collection

Okay, here's the scoop. So my buddy Brian tells me he's got this 354 he's picking up and wasn't planning on keeping it. It's complete, it's a runner and the price is right. Came complete with a 727 transmission and Hot Hemi Heads adapter and starter. Looked to be gone through already, so I jumped on it. This will shave some time off my build. I'll still go through it after the car is together and on the road, but I just want to get this thing on the road and start the shake down process.

Here's the details... It's NOT a 354... well, not really. It's a VT motor which tells me it's a Dodge Truck motor. That's right! They put Chrysler engines in Dodge trucks! Not sure of the reason, but they did. Maybe the Red Ram 241 just wasn't enough for big trucks. Anyway, turns out it's a 1956 Chrysler 331, however... there is a "W" cast into the block (I have no idea what it stands for) and I guess somehow signifies that it's a 354 block only bored to 331. That's good news for extreme over-bores. Someone replaced the heads with 1956 354 car heads, adjustable pushrods, spin-on oil filter, aluminum timing chain cover and BBC water pump. Sounds good, right? Well, looking down the bores of this thing through the spark plug holes, I saw something that got my attention. The pistons say 392 on them!! **gasp** That's a 4.00" diameter piston! If those are trully 392 pistons it would be a .060" overbore which put this block almost to its maximum. However, I've been told the 4" bore is safe with the "W" block. That's good news. With the low-deck Hemi stock stroke and a 4" piston, that puts me at a total of 364.4 cubic inches! Now all I need is some 392 High compression pistons and a bitchin' cam and I'll have a pretty unique motor!

Heads come off tonight... I'll update with what I find in the cylinders.

This letter lets me know I've got something a little rare!

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Nate Blanchard said...

Hemis are stupid. Get rid of it. Email me and I will give you an address to send too to dispose of.