Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Artist - Ed Tillrock

Okay, I don't do a whole lot on Art on here and I really should do more. I ran across Ed on the Jalopy Journal recently and checked out his site and was really taken back by his talent. He draws very life-like, full detail sketches of hot rods and also some amazing architectural renderings.

Here's what Ed had to say:

"I’ve been an illustrator in the Chicago-land area for over 30 years. My love of cars and drawing goes back to my earliest memories. Drawing cars when I should have been paying attention to my grade school teachers, and begging my dad to buy old junk so I could make hot rods out of them. At least my wife is a gear-head so I don’t have to beg quite as much.
The pencil renderings I do now are a culmination of techniques I've devloped as an architectural illustrator and as an artist. I always try to achieve a realism, a believablility as in the 1922 Harley I recently completed. I think I could take that bike apart and put it back together in the dark. I try to take as many photo's of the subject as possible that way I can get the details right..."

Check out Ed Tillrock's website HERE.

Thanks for your time Ed! Keep up the great work!

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