Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How the year begins for the Model A build

So, this is an interesting start to the year for the Model A. Some new tools in the shop to help keep things moving thanks to the Brudnicki brothers, the car needs some headlight stands (already in process and LOOKIN' GOOOOD!), sub floor and body work is taking shape and a HUGE set back with the Hemi that will ultimately "force me" to build an early Hemi that's even BETTER! So all in all, good things are happening despite the setbacks.

So I found out the "freshly rebuilt" Hemi I picked up had some irresponsible machining done to it. The person who RUINED this block should be hung up by his ears and publicly ridiculed by Hemi historians everywhere. The block was bored out +0.2275! Yes, you read the correctly! It started life as a 331. Read back to earlier posts about the engine and you'll see the wool that was pulled over my eyes.

This just reinforces why I always say "don't buy someone else's projects without expecting to go through them to check for their mistakes!" Perfect example!

How many things can you find wrong with THIS cylinder???!!

Onward and upwards... you guys are going to see a bitchin' early Chrysler Hemi born from this disaster. I'm glad it happened...