Monday, April 25, 2011

How to Safety Wire

So lately I've been realizing I'm going to have to install some safety wire on some of the hardware on my current hot rod build. A little research and I thought I would bring together some examples, videos, and some places to by what is needed. Hope it helps someone. Make sure you read all the way to the bottom to see everything in included in this post.


This video below is a REALLY good one, but their "EMBED" feature was disabled. It's 22 minutes long and really is worth the watch. Lots of information and explanations.

Lock wire installation in the Jet Engine world. How to, PART 1:

Part 2:

Now the embedded videos:

Aircraft Spruce will have everything you need to make it happen. The wire, the pliers, the bolts, drill jigs, everything.


Safety Wire Pliers (economy, and they work just fine for hobby use):

Drilled hardware:

More tools:

There are lots of other places for these tools and supplies. McMaster Carr is another place to find everything you need to do a professional safety wiring job.

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A and P License said...

The 3rd picture from the top is a poor safety. The safety does not have the tendency to keep the hardware tight. It is what we call a "neutral" safety. 4 image from the top should have a plastic sheathing around it to protect from chafing. That wire will cut into components over time. There should be no gaps in the twisting. The pig tail at the end should be bent over to avoid getting caught on by my hand. Great posting, a good mechanic will take pride in the safeties.