Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Insurance - Aetna - Been Deaf Lately?

In honor of my wife, I would like to say if there is ANYONE out there reading this that works for Aetna Insurance or has a connection with them or Cochlear, please read this.  Email me if you can help.

My wife has a Cochlear Implant.  It's how she hears.  It is stated VERY CLEARLY in the insurance policy that she is covered.  Her processor is literally falling apart and yet she somehow keeps getting denied for replacement.  We spend tons of money a year on health insurance to cover these details in our life and yet these companies won't even read their own policies.  It's easier for the person on the other end to just say "No".  It has taken a YEAR to get another "NO" with absolutely no logical explanation.

Will they wait until the processor fails and can't hear at all?  I would like all of you to think about what life is like having your hearing taken away.  In fact, try it.  Block your hearing all together for an hour or two with ear plugs, ear muffs, and whatever it takes.  You'll still be able to SORT OF hear because of the vibrations from sounds transmitting to your inner ear through your body, but you'll be closer.  See how you manage.

If someone can help with our situation, please contact me.  THANKS!

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Chris said...

Don't know how to help but it sure sucks!

matt seret said...

that sucks, I'd love to give you my opinion on how to handle it. but the "MAN" is probably reading this.

Anonymous said...

Contact your state insurance Commissioner, (sometimes a part of the Attorney General's office, sometimes part of other departments). That commission regulates what Insurance companies can and can't do in your state.
The regulators are, hopefully, on your side.