Friday, October 4, 2013

Finally! The Insurance Battle is Over

Some of you may remember me posting about a year and a half ago about an on-going battle with our insurance company for them to honor their own policies (written in black and white!) so my Wife could get her processor replaced for her Cochlear Implant.  Was a bloody battle that we were never able to finish before switching employers and moving to the other end of the country.  And in the process of moving, our car was broken into and the rest of the components that went with her processor WERE STOLEN.  Had to battle a losing battle with insurance to replace those items as well.

Fast forward to yesterday...  we finally got her a new processor after a total of about 4 years of fighting with various insurance companies.  She wore the same processor for 9 years (only have a lifetime of about 5) because of the battle, praying every day that it would turn on when she stuck that magnet to the side of her head.  Thank you United Health Care for being so awesome and screw all the other insurance companies that wouldn't honor their own policies without a bloody battle that we paid way too much for.  Shame on them!

Onward and upward!  Here's to my wonderful wife and to the technology that helps her hear!

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