Friday, November 7, 2008

Chris Casny and the Devils Woodshop

So a while back I did a post on here covering a day trip up to Burbank where Old Crow Speed Shop and Hollywood Hot Rods were having an open house. (May coverage) While I was up there, I dropped in on my buddy Chris at his shop to see how his Coupe was coming along. Lookin' good, of course!! Well, since then, I've really wanted to tell you all a little bit more about Mr. Chris Casny and the Devil's Woodshop.

Chris Casny moved to Los Angeles in 1994 from Switzerland, where he was able to put his talent as an Industrial Designer to good use in the movie industry, as a prop-maker. A little while after, in 2001, the idea of "the Devil's Woodshop" was born. It started life as a side gig with his garage in Hollywood being the business home. With good succes came the next big step of purchasing his own building and workshop in Burbank, which happened in 2004. Full time wood madness was ON! Nothing but success, ever since. Here's some of his amazing work...

In all this, Chris has a real love for hot rods as well! Here's what Chris had to say about his new addiction...

"Old cars always fascinated me, I never understood the guys that were into the newest seven series BMW's, just to show off. The common status symbols, never worked for me, I like old stuff, that is by most people, regarded as outdated and useless. My current project, a 1931 Ford Model a coupe. It was purchased from Aaron Kahan (Burbank Choppers). According to Aaron, the car ran around the streets of Barstow CA, in the early 60's, It originally ran a V8 Chevy engine backed by a 39 Ford trans'. It was a mild full fendered hot rod with bobbed rear fenders, 49 Merc wheels, etc. I call it "The One" because it is my dreamcar I've always wanted. I didn't just want to go out and buy a finished car, no I had to have a hand in every detail."

Chris went on to say that once the car is done, (hopefully early 2009)it will have the following features:

* 1956, 322 Buick Nailhead V8 engine
* 1939 Ford tranny with Lincoln Zephyr gears
* 1932 Ford frame
* 1948 Chevy taillights
* cowl steering
* 1936 rear axle
* 1940 Ford wheels
* 4" chop
* 3" dropped model A axle
* six (6) Stomberg 97's carbs
* Offenhauser 6x2 intake manifold
* Gloss black paint
* a few nickel plated accents
* interior to be finished in black leather and stitched by Dave Martinez

That car as purchased by Aaron at the LA Roadster Show swap.

The madness doesn't stop with building stuff. Chris has a great eye for photography. Here's a little tid bit, from him, on that subject.

"In recent years I developed a passion for photography, and I carry a camera wherever I go, I like taking pictures of mechanical stuff like hot rods and industrial stuff. Rolls & Pleats magazine has used several of my shots, over the past year and a half, and continues to support my work."

Here's some of his awesome pictures...

A man of many talents! I will certainly be featuring more pictures from him here as well as updates on "the One" build. I don't know about you guys, but I'm certainly looking forward to seeing that thing done! OH! And if you guys need any rad furniture built, now you know who will put the Devil in the details for you

Thanks for reading and thanks to Chris for helping me put together this little post.


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