Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crafty B Hot Rod Parts

One of the things I've really been trying to do here lately, is focus on good people who make cool parts for all of us. I stumbled on this guy just a couple days ago and was FLOORED by what I saw! Flip caps, friction shocks, mini E&J style lights, shifters, and all kinds of neat pieces...

So Who is Crafty B Hot Rod Parts? Crafty was started by a guy named Kirk Brown, a family man with a wife, two kids, dogs, cats and... well... okay, here's what he has to say:

"I was a tool and die maker for 15 years, I now work out of my own shop doing all types of Tool & Die, metal fabricating and custom steel railings. 4 years ago I had run in with throat cancer even though I've never smoked in my life. I had to do all the treatments to take care of that and now...well im still here! I sold my manufacturing business I was involved with and simplified my life by working out of my own shop. I have a bunch of old projects, some are done and some are not but my thinking is you can never have enough old cars and bikes around. I like all type of cars and trucks. I can find something on about every car or truck that I can learn from. I have kind of left the "restored to orginal" phase of my life and have been trying to build from scratch on the last 2 or 3 projects and to me this is way more interesting then ordering replacement parts from a book."

One of Kirk's finished projects that recently graced the pages of Rod & Custom

With that little bit from him, here's what this brilliant guy is making:

Photos of all his products can be seen here in the link below.

Crafty B's Hot Rod's Parts Gallery

Prices and details are advertised on the Jalopy Journal and can be seen here:

Prices and details

Kirk tells me he has a website brewing. When it's up and running I will update everyone and add it to my favorites list.


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I have seen his work used by Pinkee's for a few years now. Glad to know where to get it!